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Created in the 1930s, the asphalt screed revolutionized the asphalt pavement process. It's a tool designed to flatten the material, set it to a certain width, and provide the initial smoothness. Rollers follow the asphalt paver and screed to finish flattening the material, reducing the air voids.

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P-32/P-32+ Advanced Screed Control for Asphalt Pavers GC-35 Paver System Control Box Topcon has an exciting control box for its 2D asphalt paver system which can be sold on new pavers or as an upgrade to the System Five 9256 control boxes. The GC-35 also comes with a new mounting bracket, cables and a heavy duty double shelled carrying case.


The next generation of asphalt paver control – and Paver System Five and Smoothtrac® are fully upgradeable. mmGPS - from the innovators in asphalt paver automation!… Imagine controlling your paver right from digital site plans.

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Boasting of a small footprint yet retaining a 15 foot-wide screed, the LeeBoy 8500D allows for wider and longer pulls than competitive pavers. This important detail, along with less hand work, means the end user minimizes the number of stops which increases productivity and profitability. ... Asphalt Pavers. View All. 1000G. 5300. 6150. 7000C ...

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The LeeBoy 6150 wheeled asphalt paver was truly designed with the paving professional in mind. With a quicker travel speed, this paver delivers a quality mat while easily maneuvering from point to point.

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III. Screed. This portion of the asphalt paver levels, spreads and pre-compacts the asphalt. Screeds on all small, self-propelled pavers are full floating screeds and have a crown adjustment at the center of the screed.

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Asphalt Screeds. EZIII Front Mount Screed; EZIV Front Mount Screed; EZV Front Mount Screed; ... Carlson Asphalt Screeds. Highway Class Screeds. EZIII FRONT MOUNT SCREED Standard Width 8′-13′ (2.4m-3.96m) ... Carlson Paving Products, Inc. 18425 50th Avenue East Tacoma, Washington 98446. Phone: (253) 875-8000

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Versatile P385A Asphalt Paver Highway-class productivity in a small, maneuverable package. SCREED VERSATILITY • Hydraulically extendable paving range of 2.44 m - 4.80 m (8’ - 15’ 8”) • Cutoff doors provide a paving range of 0 - 1.1 m (0 - 3’ 10”) • Rigid electric screed, excellent stability

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Asphalt Paver Replacement Parts: CHAIN, FEEDER BAR & SPROCKETS. Reliability and Durability starts with the highest quality steel, the latest heat treating techniques and state of the art manufacturing provide by HeavyQuip. ... screed and floor plates for various pavers including Caterpillar, Volvo, Blaw Knox, Roadtec, Leeboy, Cedarapids, Barber ...

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Works with most full size asphalt pavers . Topcon, innovator of the world’s most widely used asphalt paver screed control introduces the next generation of 2D screed control, the P-32 Paver System. Topcon’s P-32 Paver System builds on our industry-standard Paver System 5 featuring innovations that improve smoothness, assures accurate slope ...

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Operation. Increase in material stockpile or paver speed will cause the screed to rise resulting in more asphalt being placed therefore a thicker mat of asphalt and an uneven final surface. Alternatively a decrease in material or a drop in speed will cause the screed to fall and the mat to be thinner.

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S-Series Screeds. Roadtec’s fixed width bolt-on extendable screeds with hydraulic strikeoffs come in an 8 foot (2.4 m) version or 10 foot (4.1 m) version. Strikeoffs can be articulated from 6.6% positive to 3.3% negative. Bolt on screed extensions fit both the S-8 and the S-10 models. These tough, reliable screeds will serve you well for a wide range of projects.

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Topcon P-32. Topcon P-32 Advanced Screed Control for Asphalt Pavers. Topcon’s Next Generation of Advanced Screed Control Topcon continues its long tradition of innovation with the P-32/P-32+ asphalt paver systems. For decades, the Topcon System Five solution for paving has been the industry’s premier non-contracting screed control system.

Topcon P32 Advanced Screed Control for Asphalt Pavers

Works with most full size asphalt pavers . Topcon, innovator of the world’s most widely used asphalt paver screed control introduces the next generation of 2D screed control, the P-32 Paver System. Topcon’s P-32 Paver System builds on our industry-standard Paver System 5 featuring innovations that improve smoothness, assures accurate slope and material thickness and provides unmatched …

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Asphalt paver control system. ... Get a Demo . Product Info . Screed control. Perfect paving is all about control — screed control. Topcon screed control systems improve smoothness, assure accurate slope and material thickness, and provide unmatched operator convenience and ease-of-use.

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Unveiled at World of Asphalt, the rubber tire BF 300 P-2 and BF 300 C-2 track pavers are designed to elevate paving quality and productivity, while reducing costs on a range of municipal ...

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Welcome to Asphalt Paving 101. Then, you can set the main screed crown and the height and slope of the extensions. Step 7 will be to lower the screed into the starting position, and then null the screed. Then you’ll set the end gates, and set the auger height to be 2 inches above what you’re laying.

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Match the asphalt paver screed to the application to deliver the best results for your projects. Heavier and more rigid compaction and high compaction screeds, such as those available on Vogele pavers, allow contractors to pave wider to eliminate joints, and increase in …

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Set the screed on starting blocks or pad after screed is up to starting temperature (approx. 225-280° F depending upon mix type). The starting blocks or pad should be mat thickness plus ¼” per inch of mat. For example, a 2” mat should have a starting block or pad that is 2 ½” thick.

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There are two basic types of asphalt pavers in the small paver category: A. Gravity feed or “Dump” pavers. On these pavers the hopper lifts to allow asphalt to fall back and in front of the screed. The gravity feed type pavers cost less than conveyor machines.

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Asphalt Paving Machines. Caterpillar offers a broad range of asphalt paving equipment that competes in the rubber tire, steel track and rubber belted markets. Pavers and windrow elevators provide versatile and reliable solutions to demanding paving applications.

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Carlson Paving Products, Inc. is the industry’s leading manufacturer of asphalt paving machinery for over thirty years. Located in Tacoma, Washington, Carlson designs, engineers and builds all of its products to the highest quality.

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Shop Asphalt Pavers For Sale. Choose from 128 listings to find the best priced Asphalt Pavers by owners & dealers near you. Page 4 of Asphalt Pavers listings.

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Welcome to ACE Group. ACE Group manufactures and distributes quality, low cost replacement parts and new components for the asphalt industry. As engineers and manufacturers, we specify the best and deliver it to our customers throughout North America. We supply most parts for Plants and Pavers.

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Michigan 56th Annual Asphalt Paving Conference Agenda: Paver Operations What does it take to pave durable, long-lasting, smooth roads. Main Screed ... (P) Maintain a Constant Paving Speed as possible ... B. Delivering Mix from the Paver Tunnels to Screed (Paver Induced) B) From the Tunnels to the Screed.

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The first temperature that is important is the temperature of the asphalt mix when it is delivered from the hopper of the paver to the paver screed. The mixing temperature of the material at the plant is not the concern, nor is the loss of temperature that occurs when the mix is in the truck bed during the hauling operation.